Don’t mow the lawn!

Cutting the grass is a waste of time, but much more importantly it is destroying a food source for bees and butterflies. In the spring time, if you can resist tidying up the lawn and letting the dandelions flower you will be providing one of the richest food sources for honey bees at this time of year. Bees need all the help that they can get. Populations have crashed in Europe in recent years which have led to record low harvests of honey . We need all types of bees to pollinate food crops and wild flowers and to make us smile, so resist that urge to turn your lawn into green carpet and let the dandelions flower. If you are really brave and can withstand the tuts of tidy minded, ecologically ignorant neighbours, you can even let the dandelions seed and watch clown-faced gold finches feast on the seeds.

Why buy expensive imported “wild flower” seed mixes when all have to do is sit back and watch the grass grow for a few weeks and do more good completely for free?

Now that’s what I call real gardening!!I

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