Night flying beauties

After a cold spring here the moths and the bats are late. We usually have a whole maternity roost of bats under the tiles in our bath room roof and many a happy evening has been spent sat on the garden bench counting them out in the dusk as they swoop out to feed. This year we saw some briefly in the garden at the right time when they usually arrive, but they did not take up residence, simply because it was too cold I think. I am not sure which species they are but think they may be serotines, as they apparently like buildings and we are close to a forest, where they like to hunt.

Our faithful pipistrelle bats did return. We think they are both males and they roost on separate sides of the house, easily visible under the eves. The males, once they have mates stay Separate to the females and take no part in raising the babies. However, as it has been so cool one of the guys has also disappeared and presumably found a warmer spot and so we are down to just one!