Never enough time

I have just realized how little I have actually posted on here, which surprises me because I often formulate in my head what I would like to write and even take the photo to illustrate it, but it looks like I never get round to actually writing it! There is of course a good reason for this: I just spotted a gladioli that needs propping up, that hanging basket of fushias is staring to wilt, the everlasting peas will run to seed if I don’t snip the seed pods off, my cat is rolling over asking for her stomach to be to tickled, dinner needs to be cooked, there is the most wonderful bank of clouds rolling up .
The only reason I am writing now, instead of being in the actual garden, is the infernal din of sit on lawn mowers has driven me in doors to take sanctuary. I wish my neighbours read my advice about not mowing the lawn, but I am sure they never will and maybe that is for the best, as this blog is my new way of communing with silence ( as the brutal viewer stats prove!).

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