Where do butterflies go at night?

Having had the luxury of really watching the butterflies in my garden during the day, as I swung in my hammock my thoughts turned to where they go at night.

I have two big ficus trees that are wheeled out from the house in early summer and take up residence under an open sided covered terrace. In the evening I have noticed butterflies of various species disappearing into their glossy foliage as dusk gathers. They are bereft of flowers and so their only attraction must be a safe place to rest during the night. I have also noticed that the spiders in my garden never make webs in these ficus trees, which in a garden strewn with webs of all shapes and sizes is interesting in its self, and I guess that this safety from spiders, combined with protection from rain and a slightly warmer temperature makes them an ideal resting place.

As my holiday draws to a close I am beginning to feel that anxiety that comes when you realise you won’t have enough enough time to do all the things that you wanted to. I am determined to look under bramble leaves for resting brimstone butterflies this evening, to check rabbit holes for sheltering peacock butterflies, but I think I know that I will really spend the day chasing up the satellite guy, getting the chimney swept and cleaning the cooker hood. How all our good intentions end up in the kitchen sink!

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