Learning to look.

Since attempting to chronicle my garden I have realized that I used to just notice the obvious, but slowly I am beginning to see what is in the gaps.
The garden seemed quiet , the bird song of mating and territory has gone. Many adult birds are moulting and stay quiet while they cannot fly and yet within a week of noticing the quiet, new sounds have appeared. The fledgling birds have appeared. High pitched voices and pale coats, darting and fluttering: a new generation of great tits, blue tits, marsh tits,and house sparrows have appeared in the garden. Some are still accompanied by over anxious parents, but most are independent, picking through the aphids on the evening primrose and the willow, a squeaky mixed flock of juveniles finding food in the garden for the first time.
I like to think that their parents stayed here because of the plants I have grown, the seed and fat balls I put out all winter and the bread crumbs I share every day from my morning toast and lunch. It is a great pleasure to imagine that such efforts have been rewarded. I don’t care if I am kidding myself. I almost overlooked them on my first day back at work .
“Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher”
Wordsworth was right, as always.

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