What to do?

img_1153It has turned cold here, but no frost yet. We may be shivering but some leaves are hanging on and the question is what to leave on and what to take off?

Winter is long and dull, so it seems crazy to loose flowering plants before their time, but the cold nights are taking their toll and nothing is as fresh as it once was, so I wander about my garden in a growl of indecision.

Nasturtiums are still bright, cosmos perky and ivy leaved geraniums are in full bloom, but each night that hoovers at zero threatens to turn them into blackened mush.

I have some favourite scented geraniums that I cut down, cram into pots and over winter in a crowded back bed room. As the winter goes on they grow leggy and pale, longing for spring. I have lemon scented; peppermint scented; rose scented and coke cola scented plants. The first three were are grown from tiny cuttings snaffled from a botanic garden and the last odd character I actually bought. Their flowers are insignificant, but the perfume of the bruised leaves is intense and worth the effort of protecting them every year. I also over winter a huge red soft leaved geranium that I rescued from a skip . It is the most extraordinarily vigorous plant and a few cuttings provide me with magnificent specimens plants that fill tubs in front of the house each summer.

So, thus far I have managed to bring in just the peppermint geranium: the lemon, the rose,  the cola and the monster red are all still waiting. I really must stop dithering and finally cram them into the pots that will fit on a window sill for the next five months and accept that our seemingly endless summer really is over!

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