For all the Birds Every where.

This is garden bird survey weekend in the U.K. and also here in France, when bird lovers are encouraged to send in the records of every bird that they see in their own garden . This weekend snap shot is amazingly valuable for estimating populations of common and not so common birds, for seeing regional variations and for correlating numbers against weather conditions.

It has been bone snappingly cold here for over a month and I am frankly amazed there are any birds left alive, but it seems those fragile feathers fluff up enough to keep most of them warm and today I can record:  blue tits, great tits, coal tits, mash tits, black birds, mistle thrush, field fare, robin, goldfinch, chaffinch,wren, red kite and ravens flying over, sparrow hawk, house sparrow, tree sparrow, buzzards, great spotted wood pecker, magpies, crows, a single brambling and a tawny owl when I stepped out last night to admire the stars.


The Kazakh cold is finally abating and warm air is melting the snow at last. I like to think the bags of seed and apples I have put out for the birds have done their bit to keep a few more birds alive in this bitterly cold winter, but I know that what birds really need is healthy countryside with hedgerows, forests, orchards and clean rivers. I am doing all I can to make my tiny corner of the earth a friendly place for birds, but we  need conservation organisations like the RSPB, the County wildlife trusts and all the wonderful wildlife charities across the world.

So today I remembered to renew my lapsed membership of LPO.

This is the  French equivalent of The RSPB (

It runs nature reserves, educational programmes and collects vital data on the status of French birds. The big difference is how tiny it’s membership is in comparison.  There are only 45,000 members of LPO in France to protect the birds of such a huge country.

Birds don’t know about national borders, but they all need the protection of any friends they can get – so why not put out some bird food and join up your local bird protection organisation today?



7 thoughts on “For all the Birds Every where.

  1. Flighty says:

    Well done on doing your count, and joining the LPO. I did the count here but as usual only saw a small quantity of birds that I regularly see.
    The weather has changed here and is now milder but damper. xx

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