No, not a new sexual orientation acronym, but little brown jobs: the birds that are hard to tell apart on sight, due to unremarkable plumage.

Chiffchaffs are definitely LBJs , but there is no mistaking their call, the onomatopoeic  “chiff -chaff” simple double note that gives them their name. To German ears they sing “zilpzap”and they have seem to have arrived here in the Alsace this very morning. They winter in Africa and summer in Europe. Redstarts seem to have arrived too along with a smattering of dunnocks.

While we listened a large hare loped out from under the hedge and sat a while on his long haunches, ears up to hear and admire some new sounds of spring and a brimstone butterfly that has survived the winter found a primrose.

7 thoughts on “LBJ

  1. samba2017 says:

    So pretty! You have inspired me once again as now I know those plants are called Grape Hyacinths I have been looking them up in blogs on here and discover they attract bees. How cute! Is it too late to plant them now? Can you recommend any other plants that are good for attracting bees other than lavender?

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    • cathysrealcountrygardencom says:

      They are incredibly easy to grow from bulbs and will spread very easily, but they only flower in the spring. I’ll give you some if you want! There are masses of flowers that bees love, but you will need to tell me what space you have and time to grow.


      • samba2017 says:

        We only have a very small front and back garden so we are looking for plants that don’t take up too much space and that attract bees. We also are not very green fingered (yet!) as you know so plants that aren’t too high maintenance really?


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