Every day mysteries.

The weather forecast is for hot and dry for the next ten days. Somehow my snails know this and are going up high, shutting up their shells and conserving slime. But how on earth do they know this? Can they read weather forecasts? Do they sense the high pressure building in their tiny shells? Did a bird tweet it to them? Three snails have chosen my letter box to wait out the coming dry weather and it maybe because they read French, as the sticker says agitate for biodiversity!

IMG_1612The second mystery involves my gardening gloves. As I tried to put them on this morning I realised there was something in the thumb. Pulled inside out I found it crammed full of bright yellow pollen which something had hidden there from the dandelions that covered the lawn a few weeks ago. Who? What? Why?

Tiny every day mysteries from the natural world!

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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