In plain sight.

Sometimes you don’t realise what is right in front of you.

This morning was sunny and still and the garden is feverish with butterflies. Clouds of gate keepers and ringlets were swarming over the wild marjoram flowers; peacocks and red admirals were feeding on the buddlia and a wonderful silver washed fritillary was flouncing from one to the other. I tried so hard to capture them.

This red admiral was still for a moment.


And this shot gives a tiny taste of the constant flicking of wings over the marjoram



The fritillary, as befits her rarity, refused to pose and so I gave up and shot pictures of the still, flat plates of wild carrot flowers and when I looked at the shots later, there is the pure white orb spider perfectly camouflaged amongst the tiny petals. Just proving what unexpected beauty there is in total stillness!


4 thoughts on “In plain sight.

  1. Flighty says:

    It’s always good to see butterflies in the garden. I rarely manage to take any good photos of them on the plot but happy to watch them fluttering around, especially if it’s a pair sky dancing. xx

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