Upcycling – Plastic Bottle Greenhouse 

This is a brilliantly simple way of turning a problem – empty water bottles – into something useful to start seedlings off in the spring, or force tomatoes in cool countries! I am going to try it!

Botanical Adventures

Today Kady (Curation Scholar) had arranged for us to go on a tour of Bethlehem Natural History Museum. The Museum doesn’t have much money but are accomplishing great things. Few institutions are assessing the ecology of the Palestinian Territories, the museum is one of them. Helping institutions like the museum is so important for world conservation.

Detailed assessments of the flora in the area could be incredibly interesting. This is because new data could be compared with ‘Flora Palaestina’. Published in 1966 the texts include a fairly comprehensive distribution atlas, this could be compared with new data. It could help raise the alarm about plants that are in decline. Though so far the museum has worked more on fauna.

The museum has a glasshouse constructed with a timber frame and coated with plastic bottles. It’s very effective and seems pretty similar to the expensive, air filled, plastic coatings. It has…

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