Harvesting Starts

It is still high summer, but many vegetables are ready already!

Our vegetable plot is chaotic, nothing is in straight rows and the most obvious thing that we grow are self sown marigolds and wild borage, bowed down with bees. But somehow, some edible plants survive and we have been eating beetroot and beetroot leaf salad, curly kale, swiss chard, peas, lettuce, green cabbage and courgettes that turn into marrows over night. There are endless dishes if green beans and a tray of shallots are drying in the cellar.

The potatoes are ready to dig up when we get the time, but there has been time to locate and tickle up the garlic, that was ready to harvest weeks ago. It has come to no harm in the ground and is now happily, plumply drying in the sun.

Sometimes life seems very good!


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