First Fruits.

Cherries, red currants and raspberries: plump and red and ready!

Last year there wasn’t a cherry and there wasn’t a walnut after a catastrophic spring frost that destroyed so much fruit that no kirsch was distilled and virtually no grapes were harvested in the Alsace to make the wonderful perfumed wine.

This year has been blissfully different. Spring was late, but this meant that not a flower was lost to late frost and now the cherry trees are growning under the wieght of thick black cherries  and magpies are swaying in the boughs drunk on lucious ripe fruit.

My tiny cherry tree has a real crop for the first time. The red currants survived the monster hail storm and the raspberries escaped all dangers and have loved the heat and the extraordinary rain of the last few weeks. There is so much fruit to come that I hope there is space in the freezer to accommodate it all.

However the one thing gardening has taught me over and over again is how changeable life is, how precariously perfectly balanced for a single moment on the grass blade edge between feast and famine . I inhale and savour the first sweet raspberry!



20 thoughts on “First Fruits.

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    The fruits look splendid. Your last paragraph is so true. Gardening and farming are so very dependent on the weather. I like your ‘grass blade edge’ analogy.

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  2. arabellasambrosia says:

    Well done you! Also we are expecting the first real crop of cherries soon, but how to stop them being ravaged by the birds on a huge standard Stella Cherry tree of around 10 years old? We only ever manage to salvage 3 or 4 cherries per season!
    Brilliant year for strawberries though! What a glut we have now!

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  3. ljaynature says:

    Our fruit are just starting to turn colour so wont be long till harvesting time. I love picking home grown fruit. The wildlife always ends up eating the cherries but at least there are lots of tayberries for us to eat

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