Sit back and enjoy your dandelions!

It is so peacefully easy to do something for the bees. Just leave the mower in the shed and let all the dandelions flower! The lawn is bright yellow with sunburst flowers and the air is loud with the humm of bees, that are so covered in pollen they are almost as golden as the flowers.

Inaction is a much underrated art. We don’t have to be improving ourselves, tidying the garden, living “our best lives” ( what ever that improbability should be! ) often the best thing is delicious sloth, quiet, environmentally friendly inaction: just letting the garden go. I have managed such masterful lack of movement  that a  dandelion is now poking through the slats of the garden seat. The only danger to it will come when I sit on the bench for a peaceful cup of tea!




8 thoughts on “Sit back and enjoy your dandelions!

  1. Cheryl Capaldo Traylor says:

    I grew up eating dandelion greens and watching my folks make dandelion wine. Now, I live in a place where most people pay a lot of money to lawn care services to rid their yards of anything but fescue. Which demands a mix of chemicals and lots of gas-powered (obnoxious) equipment. It’s disheartening. I love my wild yard covered in bluets, clover, dandelions, and chrysogonum. Here’s to dandelions! Be careful there’s not a bee on the flower when you sit in your chair:)


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