Magpie flying in the storm.

Magpie flying in the storm

a straight line against the flying white

chaos of snow.

Snow in all directions

the air made visible in all dimensions

above, below, between

and the magpie dark, a flat arrow

just making for home

in one single dimension

pulling desperate order along

on it’s piebald tail.





6 thoughts on “Magpie flying in the storm.

  1. peterfrankiswrites says:

    Just lovely poem – I was just reading Wallace Stevens’ ‘Not Ideas about the thing but the thing itself’ – and your winter poem has the same tone and defiance – this one tiny bird through force of will, dragging reality along with it. Bravo.

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  2. janesmudgeegarden says:

    ‘Pulling desperate order along on its piebald tail’ is such an interesting image. Hard to imagine our carolling magpies doing that, but they’re quite different from yours, though it could be said, they are piebald as well.
    The snow picture is beautiful as well.

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