You cannot confine the spring!

Spring knows nothing of fear.

The lane behind our house is awash with foaming white blackthorn blossom. The bushes are like waves breaking static white tops against the bluest sky – a Japanese woodcut of mountainous water frozen into the spray of spring blossom .

The cherry trees are just starting to flower, balancing sunshine and the forecast of snow in their unfurling buds.

On the kitchen window sill the first seedings are germinating for the vegetable garden. I normally get my seeds in the supermarket over the border in Switzerland, as their varieties do well here; but in the scramble to stock up on food, they were forgotten and I am keeping well out of the shops now.

Luckily I have managed to order seeds online and the second lot arrived yesterday, to my great delight! Some postal staff will not deliver in the Haut Rhin, as the infection rate here is so high and the prospect of an empty vegetable plot for the whole year was very dispiriting. However,  wonderful Spring Seeds have sent a good fist full of seeds to start things going. I have flat leafed parsley and chilli beginning to grow and their first leaves give great good cheer!

The commercial growers of  fruit and veg are asking the French hairdressers and waiters and all the others who have been sent home,  to help pick the spring produce which is growing right now in the greenhouses and fields. Most of the workers who normally pick the vegetables are not ill, they are migrants and they cannot enter the country as the borders are all closed and without their work the food will rot.

The world is very interconnected now. The butterfly wing flap of a closed border is felt in unpicked field. An open postal service allows some leaves to unfurl on a window sill hundreds of miles away and spring progresses one leaf at a time.




13 thoughts on “You cannot confine the spring!

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Australia relies on backpackers to pick fruit and vegetables and now thousands of them are stranded here with their visas expiring and no hope of flying home.
    I love your description of the blackthorn in the lane.

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  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Our farmers in the UK are also asking for people to pick the crops. Can’t imagine my hairdresser in a field of cabbages! Lovely that your seeds came. We shall be relaying on some we had left over from last year. Lovely to be able to go outside in the garden and see Spring everywhere.

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  3. Flighty says:

    Good post and pictures. There are plenty of signs here as well, including lots of blossom. Thankfully I have everything I need for the plot this year. Happy sowing and growing. xx


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