My cat is a drug dealer.

My cat has a drug den and today I finally destroyed it.

For years the roots of white valerian plants have attracted our cats to rub the soil and to actually eat the earth around the plant. This has made them feisty, fierce and frankly stoned, which I have put up with and found vaguely amusing . However the habit has spread. The valerian patch is now frequented by all the neighbourhood cats, who come to our garden to get high too. This causes fights and blood has been drawn on many occasions.

We first dug out the big plant and left a few muddy bits of root on the back door step. By dawn the roots were mysteriously all gone and the cats were furtive and jumpy.

We covered the patch were it had grown in wood ash. Our cats came in dirty and grey. We covered the patch in a sheet of plastic. The other cats dug along the edge and left the soil polished with their ecstatic rubbing on the earth where the plant used to grow.

So today I got dirty and dug up every tiny shoot and leaf. The drugs plants are in the photo and it is hard to imagine that they could exert  such a hypnotic pull on every feline for 10 kilometres, but it is true.

This photo shows Pixie rubbing round the shoes I wore to break up the joint. She is relaxed now. Wait until she realises the truth, when she goes to get her fix first thing tomorrow morning!

Cat high.


15 thoughts on “My cat is a drug dealer.

  1. shazza says:

    That’s so funny. Pixie will not be impressed! I did not realise valerian is like catnip for cats. I actually have a packet of seeds ( I like the flowers) which I have yet to plant. Not sure I should risk it now. 😉

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  2. iamthesunking says:

    I don’t know how they – or anyone – can stand the smell of valerian! I once put some valerian root into my shopping basket and spent the rest of my shop checking under my shoes thinking I had stepped in something!

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  3. bcparkison says:

    Oh goodness…new info for me. With some where between 15 and 20 outside cats on my place I certainly don’t need a regional war breaking out. I’ll stay away from the cat drugs.
    ps. I come by way of the Rabbit Patch and my dear friend Michelle.

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  4. moraglucy says:

    How extraordinary! I have heard stories of catnip but didn’t know valerian had a similar effect! Hopefully their withdrawal won’t be too traumatic 😹


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