This pear tree was full of starlings in the autumn gorging on the ripe fruit and the sound was a riot of clicks, whirrs and chirrups.

Brouhaha in a pear tree.

The world is so much quieter now. The hiss of tyres has gone and the roar of easy jet overhead has faded. I can hear the tawny owls at night and the  colony of jackdaws on the church tower is audible from my garden for the very first time ever.

It is impossible not to enjoy this peacefulness, but impossible too to ignore that the quiet has come at the price of loneliness, fear, economic crisis and terrible illness.

I listened to The Queen addressing Britain and the world beyond today and her calm, compassionate dignity suddenly made me cry.

The brouhaha tree is in full flower today. It is absolutely covered in bees and their buzzing is loud, sociable and full of life, as will all our lives be very, very soon.




15 thoughts on “Blossoming.

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Thank you for this heartwarming and uplifting post, Cathy. I, too, was surprised to see myself get teary during the Queen’s speech, so assuring, grounding, gracious, and encouraging yet strong and clear-eyed. I like how here you share the sounds of the seasons in this beautiful pear tree and beauty it has held in the past, present and future. Thanks for your warmth and optimism.

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  2. catterel says:

    One occasion where I really felt “Go save the Queen”. What a blessing she is. Thank you for your beautiful descriptions and insights and the lovely picture of your pear tree.We have an opportunity now to appreciate the serenity and peace of the natural world around us – let’s not forget it when we go back to “normal”.

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