The moths are back!

I’ve missed the moths. They don’t like very cold nights and they dont like full moons, but finally the conditions are right and the wonderful and wooly creatures of the night are back .

I’ve been putting my moth trap on for a fair few weeks previously,  but the visitors have been few: lots of faithful hebrew characters, a few powdered quakers, the odd dotted chestnut and not much more. Now the moon is waning and the nights have turned warm and opening the trap this morning was full of seasonal delights.

First the lobster moth with its pearly pink coat and odd paper dart extra flaps which is named for the strange caterpillar rather than the adult.

Then the pale tussock with its wonderfully furry claspers lying out in tactile supplication .

Then the brindled beauty, garden carpet, an engrailed and finally the lovely Swallow Prominent that crept into my battered panama hat and spent the day there sheltering out of the sun. Her name comes  from the ridge on her back, but her French name is Porcelain, which must be inspired by the lovely patterning on her wings.

I need something beautiful and absorbing at the moment. In my boredom I had started a jigsaw of an owl, which was so disturbing we had to break it up and put it back in the box.

Thank goodness for the moths!



15 thoughts on “The moths are back!

  1. peterfrankiswrites says:

    + 1 on the photos – part. the pale tussock moth. Who says mother nature hasn’t a sense of humour? I’m sure some lepidopterist would explain the purpose behind the design – pollen collecting or keeping warm or disguise from owls – but I just laughed. (good decision on the creepy jigsaw…BTW).


    • cathysrealcountrygardencom says:

      That is a pesky single species! Try freezing your jumpers to kill the eggs, then put bayleaves between them and make some herb bags of any strong smelling herbs or spices like cinnamon sticks, cardamon, lavender, rosemary and thyme to repel them. Washing wardrobes out with vinegar and water may also help!


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