Sweet Tico magic.

I was lucky enough to teach and to live in Costa Rica for four years, many years ago.

There was so much I loved and admired about this country: the complete lack of military spending; the emphasis on education and the great respect Costa Ricans had for teachers; their unashamed search for peace and most of all, their protection and love of wildlife. When we lived in Costa Rica it had the highest percentage of its land mass given over to nature reserves of any country on the planet and the diversity of habitats in this tiny beautiful country is breathtaking.

All my Gardens -Part 4: Costa Rica and the big world.

San Jose, the capital, is not the most scenic city in the world, it has pollution and ugly malls, but my attention was caught by this article on one of its satellite towns : Curridabat.

Take a read to lift your spirits.


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10 thoughts on “Sweet Tico magic.

  1. janesmudgeegarden says:

    What very special place! Australia had a program of roadside corridors some years ago, but it has fizzled out. I wish our council would do something to plant street trees in this town. They’ve planted Manchurian Pears in the two main streets but haven’t gone into residential streets. It would be so lovely if they did: it’s very hot here in the summer and trees would make a huge difference.

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  2. Cathy says:

    Both of your links were very uplifting. Enjoyed thoroughly. And so hopeful to read the article about the Costa Rican initiatives in greening urban spaces – every frog, bat, plant is a citizen! Love that. You must have enjoyed your time there so very much.

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