Spring on the Table

February is the longest month for me as we wait for Spring, so I cheat and go out and buy it!

This selection of bulbs and plants is from a wonderful nursery over the border, where rows and rows of perfumed primulas, cheeky pansies and thousands of other plants thrive in perfect conditions under atifical lights and modulated heat.

They will cheer up my kitchen table for a few weeks and the bulbs will go out into the garden to maybe flower again next spring, if they survive.

The borders of France are officially closed to stop the spread of Covid, but this time they are open to neighbouring Switzerland for those who live within 30 kilometres of the frontier. This means that I can shop over the border and the awful sense of severance and dislocation that happened during the great lock down of the spring 2020 has not been repeated. It seems incredible that Covid should still be dominating our lives, but it is. The virus is not political and it is not nationalistic: it is a horrible fact that we have to deal with with patience and fortitude, though I often lack both.

One thing that has changed for me since the great lockdown of 2020 however, is the purchase of a wonderful electric bubble car which has given me mobility again. My tiny Citroen Ami, goes a maximum of 45 kilometres per hour, is so cute people wave at it and can be recharged at an ordinary plug in garage!

I adore it and I feel confident and free after years of hating driving and feeling intimidated and inept.

Spring will come!

The photo also shows Winston investigating the Ami after its delivery. He also approves mightily,


19 thoughts on “Spring on the Table

  1. lovelyandgrateful says:

    Those flowers are lovely. I’m not usually a fan of February either, shortest month often feels like the longest as I get impatient for Spring and better weather, at least my daughter’s 1st birthday will brighten it up this year. Your car is adorable – must be so easy to park as well! ☺️

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  2. carolee says:

    Love those primulas this time of year. I have some hyacinth bulbs I’ve forced that are nearly ready to open, but I suspect the next trip to the store might have some non-food items in the cart!!! Never too many flowers, especially right now.

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  3. afrenchgarden says:

    I do like your car! I go for practical over flash anytime and plugging it in seems much easier than remembering to get petrol. Bulbs are a good way to get through to the spring. I planted some hyacinth in the spring just to have an early smell of spring in the house. Amelia

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  4. Flighty says:

    I agree that February can be be a long, hard month . Lovely plants which will give you plenty of colour. I like the Ami, which sounds ideal.
    I had my first Covid vaccination this morning which has certainly lifted my spirits. Take care. xx

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