February: Black bird Singing

I was listening to a program about the importance of the written word: the really written word, made by a human being pushing a pencil along a sheet of paper . I was inspired to share a poem I wrote this morning after listening to bird song from the garden through an open window.

The physical words have an added significance for me, as they are increasingly hard to make. I have Multiple Sclerosis and hand writing can be almost impossible for me some days, likewise typing . Voice dictation does not allow for poetry . The whole point of the unexpected word perplexes the machine and it will change and change it again until it has made dull prose out of something that I wanted to catch the light unexpectedly, like the song of the blackbird.

I hope my writing is good enough for you to read is all senses of the word!


23 thoughts on “February: Black bird Singing

  1. Cheryl Capaldo Traylor says:

    Cathy, this poem is pure joy. I find it especially meaningful knowing the background story and the time, effort, and care that went in to creating this meditation. Thank you for sharing your story. I also appreciate the words and the image they create as I read each line. A couple of days ago I was in my garden and heard the most amazing symphony of sounds. There were dozens of red-winged blackbirds trilling and singing with such gusto. I took a video and watch/listen often. Your poem gives words to and enhances my experience of that day. Thank you for writing this poem. ❤️
    Would you please provide a name or link to the program you reference?

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  2. Frogend_dweller says:

    This is so lovely, Cathy, highlighting the different phrases of a black bird’s song and the magical power of its melody. It is interesting to see real writing in a post and what neat handwriting you have. Perfectly legible! Sadly, I’ve got a doctor-like scrawl. I’ve been trying to decipher some old records on an ancestry website and even though some of those look amazingly regular, I can’t make out the words at all.

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  3. Flighty says:

    Lovely post and poem, which is perfectly readable. I sympathise as my handwriting is not as good as it was due to arthritis in my fingers which means it’s getting harder to hold a pen to write properly. xx


  4. tanjabrittonwriter says:

    Definitely good enough to read in all senses of the word, Cathy. The poem is very evocative, I could visualize the scene.
    I often begin writing my essays in longhand before I type them into the computer. The process seems more natural and I can organize my thoughts better that way.

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