Singapore Shows What Serious Urban Farming Looks Like

I found this article in the reasons to be cheerful site, which is a great place to lift the global spirits .

Covid has made many of us realise how vulnerable cities are and how we cannot take food/ pharmaceutical / or even family links for granted any more.

I am deeply impressed by how hard some people are working to make urban gardens produce food and beauty for us all.

In a city-state that imports 90% of its food, rooftop gardens are a matter of national food security.
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Pixie’s view of my Chili attempt to save the world!

6 thoughts on “Singapore Shows What Serious Urban Farming Looks Like

  1. afrenchgarden says:

    I’ve just seen a part of “Silence, ça pousse” on the television where they interviewed a lady who grew an enormous amount of vegetables on her small balcony in France. She also shared her “knew how” of gardening with children to interest them in gardening. I think perhaps growing something you can eat is more interesting for children. Amelia

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