wanted and not wanted.

Without the rain nothing grows, when it is dry we fret, when it is wet we moan.

It has been endlessly wet and very cool. The trees are loving it. There have been too many dry years and the stress has left them vulnerable to disease, but not this spring.

This spring has been full of rain and now it seems full of baby birds. In the cold, wet months they have managed to hatch and to rear their sodden young and now the foliage is full of hungry, demanding fledgelings and frantic feathered parents .

There were lines of fluffy sparrow chicks in the feeder house this morning waiting for mother to transfer the sunflower kernels into their beaks. In the wet cherry tree marsh tit chicks scolded and whined as they demanded food. Hidden in the spindle bush are baby blue tits also waiting for their share and on the grass a harassed male blackbird yanks half drowned worms out of the yielding earth for his enormous off spring. The young blackbird is as lumpen and unhelpful as a teenage boy, but his father dutifully crams him with food nonetheless.

My presence is disturbing them, rearing young in the rain is not easy.

They want the food I provide, but they don’t want me round.

We want the life that the rain gives but we don’t want the clouds.

15 thoughts on “wanted and not wanted.

  1. shazza says:

    We’ve had plenty of rain too, though I believe sunshine is round the corner. Great writing. I have sodden baby bird images going round my head. X


  2. lovelyandgrateful says:

    Wise words. We have a family of blue tits living in one of the disused pipes on the side of our house, we hear the chicks squawking every time we pass, and the parents looking very frayed and ruffled from the kitchen window.

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  3. Flighty says:

    It looks like our rainy period has come to an end at long last.
    Always good to see, and hear, the birds and their fledglings at this time of year.
    It seems that there’s rarely a happy medium. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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