I wish I could write about smell in the way I can write about sounds and sights .

This iris is astounding in its colour and fabulously complex symmetry, but the part that delights me the most and that I cannot capture is it’s perfume .

All I can manage is that it smells of sherbet and fizz and something just sensed and then lost. It smells of limestone and bath salts and it instantly makes me smile.

The roses are just starting to blossom but that is a whole nother symphony of perfume; each one deserving of a post to its self as they unfurl between sunshine and deluge.

The rain that jewels each petal magnifies their beauty and scent and threatens to lump them into crumpled heaps of rotten blossom before their time.

I think I will just have to stand in the rain and revel in the unexpected sherbet while I can!

10 thoughts on “Sherbet

  1. afrenchgarden says:

    Your photographs are beautiful. All my iris are past so I am going to have to wait until next year for a really intensive close-up sniff. I remember the little tubes of sherbet I could buy as a child in Scotland. They came with a liquorice straw so you could suck up the sherbet – but it never worked, or not for long. Too much anticipation lead to the premature consumation of the liquorice straw. Amelia

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  2. Flighty says:

    Wonderful colours and patterns. I have a very poor sense of smell so I wonder what if anything I’d smell with these. I don’t grow them but if I see any around I’ll certainly have a sniff. xx

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