Beauty in decay.

Autumn is just starting here.

The leaves on the trees have only just started to turn, but other leaves are ready to drop. This sunflower leaf is yellowed and over. I haven’t cut down the old flowers, as goldfinches and marsh tits hang from the ripening heads, picking out seeds.

Migratory birds come over the garden . Swallows and martins are nearly all gone and when the wind picks up, red kites catch a ride over to the south.

Up in the Vosges Mountains the battle sites of the First World War are still softening into the landscape. Terrible sites of slaughter, that were blasted of every tree and man, are beautiful in the autumn.

If you look closely at the photos you can see that the hedge is actually the original barbed wire that separated German and French soldiers. Today, the rust seems organic and the trees have regained the dispute heights .

There is real beauty in such decay.


19 thoughts on “Beauty in decay.

  1. catterel says:

    Love your photos – and the questions they pose: is that peace and beauty real or only superficial, the horror of war beneath the surface only biding its time … or has nature conquered man’s puny efforts to disrupt its beauty and peace by placing a thick layer of truth over everything ugly?

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  2. johnlmalone says:

    a great title ! it drew me in: and yes, although youth, vibrancy are much celebrated there is also beauty in aging and decay. My favourite dessert wine is Auslese Reisling, picked from over-ripe grapes,grapes past their prime —

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