Not in a hurry.

The flowers are from the green dump in the village . Every autumn my neighbours throw away their geraniums and cut down flowering plants, while the sun is still shining and the first frosts are hopefully weeks away.

I don’t understand this .

Why be in a hurry for the winter and bare soil?

I collected the lovely pink geranium flowers and marigolds to brighten my table and decided to spin out the autumn evening with some local wine. It is grape harvest time right now in warmer valleys along the Rhine. I am drinking a table wine of no great repute, but it has the floral taste that I am in no hurry to discard in the rush to clear the soil and let the long winter in!

10 thoughts on “Not in a hurry.

  1. afrenchgarden says:

    You made me feel guilty as I have just pulled out our African marigolds like the ones you have in your vase. A queen bumble bee was not too happy with my decision either, so that makes two of you. I was in a hurry to empty my compost bins onto the vegetable garden in readiness for the leaf fall and I do enjoy working outside when it is sunny. In my defence, there is so much to do in the garden at the moment and I feel that it will not be long before I am raking the leaves and pruning the trees. Amelia


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