In dark times

In dark times, we turn to the sun and the spring to give us hope. After two years of Covid, things looked a little better and then Europe plunged into war again and the winter has returned.

I look at the photos of the terrified mothers and exhausted children. The faces of the men who are defending their country are not so easy to photograph, but I can imagine their fear and their courage as they face an onslaught from their neighbours. There is no reason and no justification for this invasion of the Ukraine by Russia.

We are all brothers and sisters with everything in common . I hope I never have to decide to fight for peace as the men and women of the Ukraine are doing right now.

The spring is coming , may the Ukrainiens eventually enjoy it too.


โ€œI planned to plant tulips and daffodils on my backyard today. Instead, I learn to fire arms and get ready for the next night of attacks on Kyiv,โ€ said MP Kira Rudik on Twitter. โ€œWe are not going anywhere. This is our city, our land, our soil. We will fight for it. So next week I can plant my flowers. Here.โ€

13 thoughts on “In dark times

  1. dulcedelgado says:

    In these last few days, an anguish has crept into us just seeing the images that come to us…
    Nothing compares with the pain and anguish of mothers who run away with their children, leaving behind their lives, their homes and even their husbands. True heroines.
    Terrible situation.

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  2. Cathy says:

    Amen indeed. But with the fear and anguish always comes the best that humans can do for each other. So the world’s reaction to what’s happening – including amongst the protesters in Russia – comes as a glimmer of spring hope.

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