A long week.

Fasnact face to scare away evil spirits.

At the start of the week the madness of the invasion of the Ukraine became apparent and by the end of the week it has intensified in a way that is almost unbearable. And yet I am not Ukrainian and no one is shelling me, so the very, very least I can do, is to get on.

It has been glitteringly sunny here. Cold and cuttingly bright and at night it is unusually star filled and cloudless. The nighttime temperatures are very low and each morning I awake to a hard white frost.

March is the start of the mothing season for me and on the first night above freezing, I put out my moth trap. There were two Hebrew characters and an Early Grey in the trap . The Early Grey was a new species for the garden and I start 2022 with 315 recorded moth species in my garden since I started to keep records. This moth eats honey suckle and like the Hebrew character ( named for the distinctive marking on the wing that looks like a letter) has furry tummy to keep in warm in these cold early days of spring.

Hebrew character

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Lenin.

8 thoughts on “A long week.

  1. Flighty says:

    At present I think it’s best to just get on with life which seems to have got noticeably worse in recent years what with Brexit, Covid and now this.
    I wouldn’t have minded some cold, sunny weather here rather than the too many damp, dull and windy days there have been.
    Interesting about the moths and good pictures. xx

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  2. afrenchgarden says:

    I did not realise your moth season began in March. It is about the same time as the bee season starts, both wild and honeybee. Let’s be glad that we have the beautiful things in life to think about. Amelia


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