Cats locked at home to save rare birds.

This article is in French about German cats and in the spirit of internationalism and Catdom I paraphrase it!

In one Southern German town cats have to stay indoors for months. They are not allowed out to stop them eating the rare crested lark during its breeding season.

I love cats and birds, who is right?!!

Insolite. Bade-Wurtemberg : un passereau menacé, les chats confinés !
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7 thoughts on “Cats locked at home to save rare birds.

  1. lovelyandgrateful says:

    I read something about this a while ago, but one conservationist said cats are only successful about 10% of the time they attempt to catch birds so habitat loss and climate change were bigger threats to the bird population. As it happens, my cat is a housecat but that’s mostly because we live near a busy road, though she did once manage to catch a sparrow that got stuck in our woodburner (luckily not in use at the time) and we had to rescue it from her jaws and release it.

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