Out of the Sun.

It has been so sunny here that the light is positively Mediterranean and so bright, that sometimes one longs for the night.

I haven’t been posting much, as the endlessly dry nights have meant non stop mothing and then hours identifying and recording what has appeared. This is a delight for me, but it is also time consuming, so I am sharing a few delights from the last few days by way of a blog. There have been plenty of smaller and less brightly coloured moths in the trap, but I am sparing you some of my obsession!

Convolvulous hawk moth. Look at those warning fake eyes!
Lesser elephant hawk moth
Garden tiger
Polar hawk moth ( upside down)

Oak eggar peeking over the egg box where he spent the night.
Rosy footman ( great squiggly line!)

21 thoughts on “Out of the Sun.

  1. afrenchgarden says:

    Great photographs, I have seen some of the moths, I love the Rosy Footman – I have never seen anything similar. It is a great hobby to keep you out of the sun. I have not been able to watch the wild bees so much this year as it has been too hot. Amelia

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