The grumpy angels.

I love it when you can see the character of the faces on the wall. Most saintly or angelic decorative faces were just that, decorative and often blandly pretty. It is much more fun to spot faces that are individual and to wonder at who they really were: what arguments and passions might have motivated them. Did they like one another; were they related; were they rivals for high office or even love?

I don’t know the story behind these unlikely angels and I prefer it that way, as I can almost hear them bickering over seating in church, who has obtained preferment or what was in last night’s dinner.

They are from the beautiful church at Saint Ursanne in Switzerland. The river curls peacefully around the little ancient city and the tourists often miss these three grumpy angels high above them; so I thought I would introduce them to you today and allow you to wonder at the real men who inspired them in this lovely spot!


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