Winston is thinking.

He is thinking about the smokey sunshine, about pictures, about the black perfection of his own paws, but mostly he is thinking about food.

There might be little bits of chicken when they prepare dinner; there might be morsels of cooked salmon if is Friday ( what ever that might be. ) There might be the right flavored packet food, not the one he has just gone off and will not eat. There might be dried snacks to run after in the sitting room in the unseasonably hot afternoon.

There might be peace on earth and every one fed and safe including the mice and the birds, but for now Winston is just stretching his paws in the sun and waiting.


17 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. peterspetra says:

    My cats were called Füchsli (the brother) and Tigerli (the sister). Like Winston, they refused some food and they loved the food with salmon. Above all, they were extremely proud, when they could present some mice to us, usually in the middle of the night. How often did I jump out of the bed to catch a mouse running around in the living room. And, they loved the sunshine; they would sit “crosswise”, one on the other. Well,they have left me some ten years ago, after having provided us much pleasure for about fifteen years. Ilove your Winston.

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