Last Hoorah

In high summer, my moth trap is so full of wonders that I have to admit to feeling occasionally overwhelmed by the job of identifying and recording them all.

As summer wanes, the moths that appear in the trap change in name and in number and by the end of autumn I am lucky to find a single one on the outside of the trap, or hiding on the egg boxes inside.

The season is over.

Before I put the trap in the garden shed I plugged it in one last time and wonderfully there was a new species sat on the lid waiting for me in the cold morning.

He was a mottled umber and I can confidently assign him a gendre as the females of this species are wingless and very different. He was jeweled with dew on his “ fur” and the zig zag markings were sharp and clear.

Here are a few more new species that I have identified in the garden this year (often with the invaluable help of the county moth recorder)

Obviously these are not to scale. The large wainscot is not that large! The small yellow wave was quite small and it seemed a good way to wave goodbye to the season.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting a few of my new finds!


11 thoughts on “Last Hoorah

  1. peterspetra says:

    Beautiful photos. So far, I have never thought of giving names to the moths. When one appears in my house, I carefully place it outside in the garden. Yes, summer is over, and winter has not yet arrived. I long for Mother Holle to shake out her duvet.

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