Seed time.

The seed trays are washed. The window sills are being cleared, the soil is ready. The seeds await!

Such tiny things : so, so important!

In Norway, the Global Seed vault stores millions of seeds in cool stable conditions because we all need them so much and they are more precious than gold.

The world may get hotter, colder, wetter or bathed in radiation from the wars that still rumble around us; but the idea is that the seeds stored in the vault will be safe from all this.

The link here takes you on a virtual tour of the world seed bank. It makes me feel a little more hopeful about the future of the planet as I plant my flower seeds this spring.

I hope it will do the same for you!


4 thoughts on “Seed time.

  1. afrenchgarden says:

    I am just starting too. I have decided to be reasonable with my planting because I always end up being anguished as I have no room to plant out the seedlings. I am trying a one or two flowerpots in “cache-pots” inside so that they do not look too ugly on the floor. Later I will try for outdoor planting into the soil. Amelia

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