I have spent a long time travelling and have started gardens on the tiniest window ledges and the most unpromising balconies, but I always wanted a real garden of my own. Having finally stopped travelling and taken root in France, my garden has become my passion. Just like virtually everyone else in the world I work five days a week, but spend most of that time thinking of the garden and I started this blog as a way to share the extraordinary delight I take in the plants and wildlife that make up my garden with others and to give me a way back into the garden every lunch break!

Oh and I am up to 194 species of moths identified in the garden!



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Cathy – I started following you a while ago, but have had a rather indifferent blogging year, so finally refocused on the fact that you are also gardening in France! Great, want to ‘meet’ more France-based garden bloggers. Back soon – meanwhile have a great new year!

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  2. angloswiss says:

    Hi Cathy and thanks for your comment on my blog. We are almost neighbours from the Swiss side of the Jura. I live on the other side, The seventh chain being in my back garden in Solothurn, Switzerland. I have just had my little garden remodeled with two raised beds as bending down is no longer my thing. Nice to meet you


    • cathysrealcountrygardencom says:

      We are close. I can see the Swiss border from my slice of France and walk over it through the woods on good days. Maybe well meet one day! I hope you continue to feel better. MS is so wierd how it comes and goes, but I try to be positive too and concentrate on the bits when it goes!


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