On Sunnier Days

As it has all gone  Pete Tong Two in my garden and we wait for a third day of heavy snow and the sound of apple tree branches cracking off under the wieght of wet snow on full leaf and blossom, I thought I’d share pictures of wall lizards who like it hot and sunny, to encourage the spring to return again.

A couple of weeks ago we watched this pair of wall lizards catching a few rays on the crumbling walls of a local castle. Lithe and elusive as a good idea, they slipped in and out of the cracks in the stone work, flicking their tails and jutting their chins. This is a limestone area, so the majority of the stones are white, but one stone was different and dark and as it absorbed the heat, the tiny lizards competed with dragon like ferocity to lay their scaly bellies on the warm rock and absorb the heat.

I know just how they felt!

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