A Day to Fly.

Lying on my back watching the sky, I saw long white filaments appear from high up and drift on by in the clear blue air. All the swifts, swallows and even martins have long gone, but some thing was taking advantage of the autumn sunshine : spiders.

Spiders,  like this garden beauty, stick their fat abdomens up to the sky from trees and twigs and spin out long threads of gossamer, which contain hundreds of tiny spiders, and cast them adrift to the wind.  The gossamer can carry the young spiders for hundreds of miles away across land or water . They can skim on salt or fresh water and Darwin himself found them on his ship miles from any land.

Many will perish, but many will survive and colonise huge distances.

What daring – what freedom.  What a day to fly!


7 thoughts on “A Day to Fly.

  1. karen says:

    Lovely photo. I’ve very carefully de-spidered my greenhouse, putting all I found in the bottom of a sheltered hedge. I couldn’t harm them. Greenhouse carefully cleaned down and spruced up for winter now. Walked in the doorway this morning – straight into a web. I guess I didn’t find them all. But how they survived the jet spraying and painting, I don’t know. Hope they eat the greenfly in there and keep out of my hair!

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  2. tanjabrittonwriter says:

    I am not keen on the notion of flying spiders, but I could probably handle the one depicted in your photo. I, too, need to learn to love them! I always carry them outside in a glass when I find them in the house, and I can live with that.
    What IS the species in the photo?

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