Covered in bees .

Gardens are ground level and sky level.

Today there was real sunshine and my willow tree was absolutely covered in bees. The sallow just self seeded behind the compost bin a couple of years ago and we decided to let it grow, as attracting wildlife is not just about the things you decided to plant! This wild willow made pearl white pussy willow flowers all winter and when the spring finally really arrived she erupted into a three dimensional banquet for the bees, as each blossom furred over in thick yellow pollen. This morning there were comma butterflies, tortoise shells and peacocks and hundred upon hundreds of wonderful noisy, noisy, noisy bees.!!

I am so glad we didn’t trim the tree in the autumn, but left this feast for the bees and the soul in the springtime .


12 thoughts on “Covered in bees .

    • cathysrealcountrygardencom says:

      They will tolerate no end of cutting back in the summer and the wands are flexible and make great hurdles or fences, so don’t worry about it getting too big, just remember not to trim it in the autumn and so loose all the pussy willow flowers in the spring.


  1. catterel says:

    We had a pussy willow tree in our garden as I was growing up. It was my friend throughout my childhood and teenage years. I was devastated when it had to be felled, although I was well into my twenties by then.

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  2. Alison says:

    I still love your writing style! I’ve got pears growing that I meant to prevent this year with spray as they rot when they fall and draw flies. But the squirrels and birds do love the pears so I will live with the pears another season.

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