If the world gives you lemons make lemonade.

Just over a week from the devastating hailstorm that trashed the garden, there is some regrowth .

One courgette plant and one pumpkin plant survived and have put out very small new leaves. A few bush bean plants are still growing despite being splashed with mud. The stumps of lettuces have inspired a new ring of leaves and the bush fuchsia is making buds at the apex of each smashed stalk.

The roses are shocked out of summer and only a few undamaged buds have opened in stunned smallness . The peonies are long gone and even the stalwart ladies’ mantle is an unretrievable broken mass on the grass. I have been most surprised by the havoc reeked on the lavender, which was just budding and really shooting up. The hail has pockmarked virtually every flower stem and over the passing week they have slowly wilted and finally collapsed over the foliage.

I was going to throw a party to celebrate that fact that we are both now retired and survived many years of teaching. The garden has been my personal refuge, from the digitised soullessness horror of modern education. Now the garden gives me less pleasure, so I went to the co-op and bought some hanging fuchsias and begonias, new tomatoes plants, fennel and cabbage and parsley.

I thought trying an actual lemon plant would be pushing the metaphor way beyond its climatic boundaries.

I think the party will have to wait, until there has been more regrowth, but the lemonade jug is ready and waiting just in case!

15 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. catterel says:

    Oh what a disaster! So sorry – just when the garden is at its brightest and best. But nature is wonderful, and no doubt some of the more resilient plants will have survived. Bless you and the garden.

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  2. iamthesunking says:

    We are having zero luck with pumpkins. Cat Daddy bought me a plant which didn’t survive (eaten by snails, then smothered by his stupid potato plants which grew too tall). My sister planted various seeds and none of them even germinated! 😐

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  3. thegardenbubbleblog says:

    What a pain that hailstorm turned out to be! And just at that time when so much was buffring.
    We’ve suffered drought here – spent so many hours watering we’re fed up with hoses. And we’ve had to develop new strategies for moth-trapping – the tree-finches learned how to break into the trap 😂😡. We’re managing now but it did set this year’s trapping back. And oh – this year’s true pest is roseslug – our huge climbing roses have been stripped bare and look dreadful.


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